Update: yes to Fort River study

May 4, 2017:- Yesterday evening (Wednesday) Town Meeting voted to appropriate $250,000.00 for a feasibility study of the Fort River School site. Mine was one of the votes in favor. If we are going to renovate or rebuild the school, which we should, the feasibility study is an essential step.

I also voted in favor of appropriating funds for a new boiler in Wildwood Elementary School, which school has been educating small Vickerys for 15 years or so. It will have to be an oil-fired system because, as the Superintend of Public Works reminded us, a natural-gas system would be useless while the natural-gas moratorium remains in effect. And with the moratorium likely to last at least another two years, an oil-and-gas model would not make economic sense.

Up for debate next week, the “sanctuary community” article and the Jones Library proposal. If you would like to know why I shall be voting against the former and in favor of the latter, please click here.

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